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Backstreet Girlfriends

Curious, huh?? Well, that's okay. But if you hate them, I don't recommend exploring. You can if you want, I just don't recommend it. This is a girlfriend-friendly section (most of the time). I want to give a big THANK YOU to Backstreet Boys Locker for allowing me to use their pictures (every single one) and their info. I basically gave myself permission to since I used to own that site. Also, if you have any information or pics of the girls, please email me. Thanks!!

General Information:

Nick and AJ are TAKEN!! You've all heard the rumors, seen the pictures, and some still didn't believe. Well, believe it now. Whose captured Nick's attention? A 20-year-old college student named Tiffany (not at all like Mandy). Whose captured AJ's attention? An aspiring singer named Sarah Martin. Judging from fan reports, both girls are very cool. If you have any information, any sightings, or pictures of the the girls, please EMAIL to me and you will get full credit for it.

AJ and Amanda are NOT back together. I talked to a close friend of Amanda's and she said Amanda is seeing someone right now, as is AJ. AJ has commented that Amanda is seeing someone else and that he is keeping his eyes open in case someone else comes along. He says is makes him a little sad when fans bring her up, but he's not going around saying they broke up. That's our job!! *LOL*

After last night, when AJ said "Baby, I love you" during the Backstreet Boys acceptance speech at the American Music Awards, it made me wonder. I know AJ says that specifically for Amanda Latona, but I haven't heard anything about them getting back together. If they are, then I'll find out soon enough. Until then, her section will remain with the other ex-girlfriends.

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